Apple IPhone 13 128GB

Apple IPhone 13 128GB
Condition of Phone:
IMEI Number:
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SIM Status:
Working Mobile Phones
  • The phone must be in full working order.
  • There should be no cracks and lcd should not be bleeding.
  • The phone must switch on and off.
  • The battery must be included.
  • The phone must be complete with all covers and bodywork.
  • Slider mechanisms must function correctly.
  • The body work must be integral, not crushed or water-damaged.
  • All the buttons on the keypad must work.
  • The phone must be fully functional. This includes functionalities like Bluetooth and camera.
  • The phone should not have too many marks or scratches because everyone wants to look good.(Normal cosmetic wear and tear is acceptable).
  • It must make a test call.
  • If mobile phone has a touch screen the touch screen must be fully functional.
  • The screen must be intact and fully functional beyond the network welcoming.
  • The LCD must have no lines or missing pixels.
Non-Working Mobile Phones
  • Battery included
  • Must NOT be reported as barred / blacklisted / stolen
  • Must be in one piece (not crushed or snapped in half)
  • Does not need to power on
  • Must be all in one piece