About Us

We are a environmentally friendly company purchasing used mobiles and ipods to re-use them again in less economically developed countries where they can play a major part in helping to develop communication networks.

Started off in the East End off London working on market stalls we have over 15 years experience in the mobile phone industry. We provide a very easy option to recycling your unwanted products.

About RecycleUrPhone

We offer a complete service which includes free collection of your items to payment.

We encourage people to return their old and unwanted mobiles for recycling. If you would like to recycle more than 5 mobiles then please contact us via email at info@recycleurphone.co.uk

The mobiles which cannot be reused will be recycled in accordance to the WEEE directive and broken down to many parts which can be reused such as metals. The plastic casing is melted down.

You should recycle with us because we guarantee 100% price satisfaction or your phone back and if you receive a higher price then us we will give you 5% extra ontop of the price quoted.

Our vision is to be the best mobile recycling company in Europe challenging and changing the established conventions of the recycling companies.