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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of my mobile phone?

Simply enter your model number and then you can see the working price and non working price

How do I know if my mobile phone is working or non working?

Each mobile phone sold should match the make and model in the sale order and meet the following conditions. Each mobile phone you sell should match the brand and model you indicated when you place your order and meet the following conditions:

Working Mobile Phones

  • The phone must be in full working order.
  • The phone must switch on and off.
  • The phone must be complete with all covers and bodywork.
  • The body work must be integral, not crushed or water-damaged.
  • The phone must be fully functional. This includes functionalities like Bluetooth and camera.
  • It must make a test call.
  • The screen must be intact and fully functional beyond the network welcoming.
  • The LCD must have no lines or missing pixels.
  • There should be no cracks and lcd should not be bleeding.
  • The battery must be included.
  • Slider mechanisms must function correctly.
  • All the buttons on the keypad must work.
  • The phone should not have too many marks or scratches because everyone wants to look good.(Normal cosmetic wear and tear is acceptable).
  • If mobile phone has a touch screen the touch screen must be fully functional.

Non Working Mobile Phones

  • The phone must not be crushed, broken in half, or bent in any way, liquid damaged or missing any integral parts such as camera, LCD etc.
  • No integral parts should be detached from the main body of the phone in any way or be missing.

What happens once we receive the phone?

The phones will be checked by one of our engineers. If the phone is damaged or if any functions like the camera are not working properly, it will be classified as a Non-working/broken phone.

How do I know what mobile phone I've got?

Simply remove the back cover and the battery then the make and model will show.

What should I send with my mobile phone?

Nothing we only require the phone and battery.

How many mobile phones can I sell?

There is no limit to the amount mobiles you can recycle. If you have more than ten we can arrange someone to pick up the stock and pay cash on the spot.

My battery is flat, can I sell the mobile phone as working?

If you cannot test your mobile phone as the battery is flat and there is no obvious damage to the mobile phone, you can list it as a working mobile phone. We will test the mobile phone with fully charged batteries on arrival and will only downgrade it to the non-working value if it does not switch on.

My mobile phone is brand new, can I get more money?

Yes simply email us at info@recycleurphone.co.uk

How long is my order valid?

The orders are valid for 14 days. Once you have registered online and got a confirmation email, you have up to 14 days to send us your used phone and will receive the price quoted.

What if I incorrectly list the model number or get the condition wrong?

If you have incorrectly listed the mobile phone we will amend it to the correct model and pay the current price. We will also amend the value if you have got the condition wrong (we may upgrade your mobile phone to working from non working). If you think the mobile phone may be non-working, but are unsure then list it as working, but please be aware we may downgrade it to non-working.

How Do I know you received my phone?

Once we receive your phone, we will send you a confirmation by email to keep you posted or you can check your order status in member login area.

Do I need to insure my package?

We accept no liability of lost or damaged items. It is up to you if you would like to insure your item. But we recomend that mobiles from £100 you use special delivery.